Special Convention Reports & Rules of the BCGOP Convention March 17, 2018

Special Convention Committee Reports

Rules Committee – Rules in effect for the March 17, 2018 are detailed below

Plan of Organization – No known amendments are to be presented at the convention

Resolutions – No known resolutions are to be presented at the convention


Rules of the Brunswick County Republican Party Convention.
Republican Party Headquarters, 971 Old Ocean Highway, Bolivia, NC March 17, 2018.

Statement of Purpose:It is the purpose of these rules to provide for a fair and open Convention in a manner that facilitates the business of the Convention, respects the rights of all participants, and encourages full participation of Brunswick County Republicans.

Voting Body:The voting body shall be duly elected Delegates in accordance with the North Carolina Republican Party Plan of Organization and the Brunswick County Republican Party Plan of Organization. All Delegates shall wear name tags or other identifier given to them by the Credentials Committee. Delegates shall be seated separate and apart from Alternates and Guests, who must remain seated in sections designated for Alternates and Guests.

Convention Officers:The officers of the Convention shall be the Convention Chairman and Secretary. The Convention Chairman shall appoint a Parliamentarian, Sergeant-at-Arms and Assistant Sergeants-at-Arms as necessary.

Quorum:A quorum is twenty-five percent (25%) of those Delegates, registered and attending, as certified by the Credentials Committee and reported to the Convention prior to voting on any matters to come before the Convention. Provided a quorum is present during any vote, the majority shall be determined by those present and voting.

Registration:Registration shall open at9:00a.m. and close at10:00a.m. on Convention day. Individuals arriving after10:00a.m. shall not be seated as Delegates. Convention begins at10:00a.m.

Credentials:Motions to amend the report of the Credentials Committee may occur only immediately following the presentation of the Credentials Committee report and prior to its adoption. Prior to the adoption of the report of the Credentials Committee, no person shall be seated as a Delegate or Alternate unless duly elected as a Delegate or Alternate at their respective precinct meeting.

Voting:Votes shall be by voice vote or by a standing vote of Convention Delegates, except for the election of County Party Officers, which shall be by secret ballot in contested races. A Delegate casting a vote must be on the floor of the Convention at the time such vote is cast and recorded. A majority of all votes cast shall be necessary for the election of Officers of the Brunswick County Republican Party. In the event that a majority is not received by the nominee receiving the highest number of votes, subsequent balloting shall be conducted; however only votes cast for the nominees receiving the first and second most votes from the first ballot shall be counted in subsequent voting. In elections for At-Large executive committee members, five, and no more than seven, At-Large-Members shall be elected as required in the Plan of Organization. Any Delegate wishing to nominate one or more At-Large candidates from the floor must nominate a slate equal in number to the slate presented by the Nominating Committee, and the vote shall be by slate.

County Plan of Organization: Each year the Delegates to the County Convention shall approve the Brunswick County Plan of Organization. In accordance with that document, the Plan of Organization Committee shall give written notice, of all business it will place before the Convention, at least thirty (30) days prior to the Convention by placing its report on the County website. Any proposed amendments not included in the Plan of Organization Committees posted report may be submitted by the committee or a Delegate on the day of the Convention, but only if the Convention Delegates pass a motion to consider such amendments by a two-thirds majority. In all situations, the maker of the motion to amend the Plan of Organization shall provide a printed copy of the amendment to each Delegate attending the Convention

Nominations:In the odd numbered years, in accordance with the County Plan of Organization, the Nominating Committee shall post its report on the County website thirty (30) days prior to the Convention. The committee shall present its full report prior to the Convention floor being opened for additional nominations. The Nominating Committee shall have up tofive (5) minutesto present its report. Upon presentation of the Nominating Committee report, the Convention Chairman shall ask if there are additional nominations. Additional nominations for County Officers and a slate of Members-at Large may be made by Delegates upon recognition by the Convention Chairman. Nominators will be allocatedtwo (2) minutesfor a nominating speech from the podium. Delegates making nominations must state their name and precinct of residence. Up to three (3) Delegates may second a nomination from the floor of the Convention upon recognition by the Convention Chairman. They must state their name, precinct of residence and the name and office of the nominee being seconded; there shall be no seconding speeches. Before balloting for election to each office, the Convention Chairman shall allowtwo (2) minutesfor speeches by each nominee in contested races. Candidates shall speak in the order in which they were nominated.

Elections:County Officers shall be elected in the odd numbered years in the following order: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Members-at-Large and other Officers as defined in the Plan of Organization.

Teller Committee:In the odd numbered years, the Convention Chairman shall appoint a Teller Committee of at least two (2), to count ballots. Each nominee for an office may name an observer to observe the Teller Committee.

Motions:The Convention Chairman may require that Motions be furnished in writing to the Convention Chairman before action is taken. Only Delegates may make or debate Motions.
No Motion shall be in order unless each maker and each Delegate seconding it, states his or her name and precinct of residence.

Discussion:Only Delegates may participate in discussion. A Delegate must obtain recognition from the Convention Chairman and must stand and state his or her name and precinct of residence prior to speaking. No Delegate shall speak to the Convention longer thanone (1) minuteat any one time and not more than twice on any motion open for discussion. Speakers shall state whether they are speaking in favor of, or in opposition to the Motion. Speakers shall alternate as to those speaking in favor and those speaking in opposition to the Motion. Discussion on a Motion shall be limited toone (1) minuteper speaker. No Delegate may speak a second time until all others who wish to speak have had an opportunity to do so. No Delegate may be given the floor more than twice on the same question without unanimous consent of the voting body.

Time Keeper:A time keeper appointed by the Convention Chairman will indicate to each speaker,
a thirty second warning before the expiration of the allotted time.

Resolutions:In accordance with the County Plan of Organization, the Resolutions Committee shall post notice of all business it will place before the Convention, at least thirty (30) days prior to the Convention by placing its report on the County website. Any resolutions not included in its posted report may be submitted by the Committee or a Delegate on the day of the Convention, but only if the Convention Delegates pass a motion to consider the resolution by a two-thirds majority. In all situations, the maker of the resolution shall provide a printed copy of the resolution to each Delegate attending the Convention. Resolutions regarding issues sufficiently addressed in the National and State Republican Party Platforms will be ruled out of order, and considered as unnecessary. The date, the author and the organization if any, must be clearly identified at the top of the resolution, and the maker is advised to be present at the Convention.

Order of Conduct:The Sergeant-at-Arms, with the Convention Chairmans approval, shall maintain the right to have any disruptive Delegates, Alternates or guests who refuse to adhere to the rules of the convention, removed from the convention floor.

Convention Guests:All Guests must remain seated in the section designated for guests.
GOP candidates for local, state and federal offices:May each be allowed by the Convention Chairman to speak fortwo (2) minutesat the appropriate time provided for in the agenda.

Parliamentary Authority:Roberts Rules of Order, Newly Revised, Current Edition, shall govern this Convention in all cases to which they are applicable, and in which they are not inconsistent with these rules or the County or State Plan of Organization.

Suspension of Rules:A two-thirds vote is required to suspend, amend or add to these rules after their adoption, except that the rules contained herein, which are drawn from or implement provisions of the County or State Plan of Organization may not be suspended.

Respectfully Submitted:The Rules Committee: Vince Musilli, Chairman; Norman Meares; Frank Williams.

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BCGOP 2017 Annual Convention Minutes Posted

Subject: Brunswick County Republican Party Convention March 25, 2017 Minutes

The Convention was called to order by Chairman Joe Agovino at 10:00 am

  • The Chairman appointed Jim MacCallum as Convention Chair and Frank Williams as Parliamentarian
  • Stuart Smith presented the Credentials Report, followed by the Rules Committee report and adoption of the Convention Agenda
  • The 2016 Convention Minutes were approved
  • Collen Combs presented the Annual Treasurers report as of February 2017:
  • Operating Fund Balance $3,500
  • Building Fund Balance $258
  • Helen Pannullo submitted the POO report which was approved
  • Kathryn Lawler reported there were no resolutions to come before the convention
  • Mike Forte presented the Nominating Committee report:


  • Officers Chairman Rich Leary, Vice Chairman Bernie Faulkner, Treasurer Kent Wood
  • At Large Bob Heinz, Mary Stilwell, Eric Edgerton, Andrew Cole, Ted Bodenschatz, Shirley Babson, Gerald Benton


  • The Nominating Committee report was adopted by the convention
  • Delegates to the District and State Conventions were approved
  • State of US Legislature remarks Chance Lambeth
  • State of NC Legislature Senator Rabon & Representative Iler
  • Keynote address presented by Andy Yates, Red Dome Group
  • Convention was adjourned


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Gerald Benton Announces Candidacy for Brunswick County School Board

Dear Friend:

I am pleased and honored to announce my candidacy for the Brunswick County School Board (District 5). I have given the decision much thought and decided we must act now to make a change. Our children and our communities deserve a brighter future. I am dedicated to improving the educational system for all Brunswick County students.  We must take immediate action to improve school environments, educational proficiency, teacher compensation, and advocate for the best interests of the children of Brunswick County. These are the reasons I feel confident asking for your support for the Brunswick County School Board.

Thank You,

Gerald Benton


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Pat Sykes Campaign Kick-off BBQ Friday Feb 23, 2018

Please Note: The Brunswick County GOP does not endorse any Republican candidate in any Republican primary at any level and / or any non-partisan office when more than one registered Republican has filed for that position.





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Newt Gingrich 2018 Elevator Speech

If you are looking for your 2018 Republican “elevator speech”, rock it like Newt


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Merry Christams / Happy Holidays 2017

The Brunswick County Republican Party

Would Like To Wish You & Your Family

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays And A Great New Year


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Brunswick County Republicans – “Call to Action”

Brunswick County Republicans “Call to Action – Party Process”

To: All Brunswick County Republicans

From: Rich Leary, Chairman Brunswick County GOP

This message is a “Call to Action” for all Brunswick County Republicans, and a brief review of our party process.

Call to Action

2018 will be a challenging year. It is known as a “Blue Moon” election year because we do not have a National election / candidate, a US Senate candidate, a Governor’s race, or a Lt. Governor’s race. Generally, this “type” of election results in a low voter turnout. In a low turnout election we must outwork our opponents to get our voters to the polls to elect our candidates.

The Democrats are highly motivated and North Carolina is a top three target state. A headline in the Charlotte Observer last week was “The Road to a Democrat Victory Goes Directly through Charlotte”. They are tired of losing, and will put everything into this election. Remember the 2018 election becomes the platform on which the 2020 races will be contested – we have come too far to fallback now!

I know there is frustration out there, I feel it as well. However, we would be far worst off if Hillary had been elected – think Neil Gorsuch and the Supreme Court. We have great candidates running in Brunswick County in 2018 and they need our help. If you’d like to volunteer to help Republican candidates, visit our website www.brunswickgop.org

Party Process – Get Involved

I would like to encourage all Republicans in Brunswick County to get involved in the process and support Republican candidates. Detailed below is a brief summary of how you can become a delegate to the County, 7th Congressional District, and State Conventions in 2018.


It starts with voter registration – you must be a registered Republican in your county by January 31, 2018 (there are exceptions for anyone who has moved to the county or turned 18 in the 30 days prior). If you need to check your current registration you can do so on-line athttps://vt.ncsbe.gov/RegLkup/ or
by calling the Brunswick County Board of Elections 910-253-2620. If you need help getting registered call the Brunswick County GOP Headquarters at 910-754-4011.

Annual Precinct Meetings

To become a convention delegate you must let your precinct chairman know, and you and others will be elected as delegates at your Annual Precinct meeting. Attendees take priority on the delegate list.  In February the party will hold the Annual Precinct meetings (date, time, and location will be posted on our website at www.brunswickgop.org under Events. Not sure of your Precinct – you can check on the same link above https://vt.ncsbe.gov/RegLkup/ enter your info, click on your name, Precinct information is under Jurisdictions. You can also find your Precinct Chairman on the County website under Leadership.

Brunswick County Convention

If you register as a delegate, you will then attend the County convention on Saturday March 17, 2018, registration at 9:00 am, convention at 10:00 am. The convention will be held at Party Headquarters, 971 Old Ocean Hwy, Bolivia, NC 28422. At the County convention the Party will certify your credentials making you a delegate to the County, District, and State conventions. , if you decide to attend those events.

Republican 7th Congressional District

The 7th Congressional District Convention will be held Saturday April 21, 2018 (9am Registration / 10 am Start):
Sampson County Exposition Center
414 Warsaw Rd
Clinton, NC 28328

NC Republican State Convention

The NCGOP State Convention will be held June 8 & 9, 2018 in Hickory, NC – more details to follow.


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2018 “Free” Kickoff Dinner with Famed NY Chefs Mike & Joe Jan 20, 2018

Save the Date
Saturday January 20, 2018

2018 Kickoff Dinner with New York Chefs Mike & Joe

Join us for our “free” 2018 Kickoff Dinner with famed New York Italian Chefs Mike & Joe
Enjoy a “fantastico” Italian dinner on us:

Saturday January 20, 2018
BCGOP Headquarters
971 Old Ocean Hwy
Bolivia, NC 28422
6:00 pm

We will also provide ice tea & coffee
BYOB your favorite wine or drink

RSVP required: rich.leary.rl@gmail.com

It will be a “buona note”

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Meet & Greet Rep. Frank Iler Monday October 30, 2017

Meet & Greet

Representative Frank Iler, N.C. General Assembly

Friends of Frank Iler Invite You to Attend a Meet & Greet

Place: Brunswick Forest Community Commons

Brunswick Forest Parkway Leland, NC

Monday October 30, 2017

Time: 7 pm-9 pm

Refreshments to be served wine cheese coffee & cake.

Mr. Iler Represents the 17 District Which Includes

Most of Brunswick County & All of Brunswick Forest


Paid for by the Committee to Elect Frank Iler


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Meet & Greet Friend-Raiser Honorable Jim MacCallum November 2, 2017

You are cordially invited to a

“Friend Raiser” for the

Honorable Jim MacCallum

in his re-election campaign for Brunswick County Clerk of Superior Court.

Thursday November 2, 2017 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Brunswick Forest Community Commons Building

Brunswick Forest Parkway, Leland, NC

Casual attire – Family friendly

  1. S. V. P. VMusilli@EC.RR.com

Donations accepted – Not required

Paid for by the Friends of Jim MacCallum

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Paid for by the Brunswick County Republican Party